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July 11: Nathan Bossers & Jane Mason

In this episode, sponsored by Incenter Mortgage Advisors, we speak with Nathan Bossers, President, Boston National Title and Jane Mason, CEO and Founder, Clarifire.

They discuss the new partnership between Boston National Title and Clarifire, the reason they came together and the problems they are trying to solve, and how they are working together to make the lives of servicers and originators easier. Learn more about their proposed “seamless solution” when you watch the interview.

December 27: Nathan Bossers

In this episode sponsored by Incenter Mortgage Advisors, we speak with Nathan Bossers, President, Boston National Title. Bossers shares how the pandemic has impacted servicers and the title space, as well as what the industry should be doing to help get non-performing loans back on track.

November 11: Dave Lucchino

In this episode, we speak with Dave Lucchino, SVP, Single-Family Operations, Freddie Mac. Lucchino tells us all about Freddie Mac’s new PAID tool and how it can help servicers, as well as other client-centric solutions the GSE is working on.

November 3: Mike Rawls

In this episode, we speak with Mike Rawls, CEO, Xome. Rawls shares some great insights with us about the current industry landscape, the auction process, and how homeowners who need to sell can make sure they’re not leaving equity on the table.

October 13: Andy Beggins and Bob Dowell

In this episode, we speak with two Incenter Mortgage Advisors—Andy Beggins, Director of Analytics, and Bob Dowell, Managing Director, Analytics. Beggins and Dowell divulge a new offering that’s hoping to optimize MSR trading.

October 6: Janet Loriot

In this episode, we speak with Janet Loriot, EVP, The Financial Institution Group, SWBC. Loriot discusses how to prepare for the other side of the housing boom and possible rises in delinquency, how collections have changed in the last several years, as well as what tools work best for self-service collections.

September 20: Kevin Palmer

In this episode, we speak with Kevin Palmer, SVP, Single-Family Portfolio Management, Freddie Mac. Palmer was a guest on DS5 over the summer—now he’s back to provide further insights into how Freddie Mac is working with servicers to better assist struggling homeowners who may be coming out of forbearance in the days ahead.

June 28: Allen Shayanfeker

In this episode, we speak with Allen Shayanfeker, CEO, Sharestates, an online marketplace of real estate investments. Shayanfeker discusses the company’s “crowdfunding” approach to investment, as well as the major industry trends and headwinds currently facing investors.

June 14: Kevin Palmer

In this episode, we speak with Kevin Palmer, SVP of Single-Family Portfolio Management for Freddie Mac. Kevin discusses Freddie Mac’s role in supporting the housing market through the pandemic. He also talks about how the industry should be preparing as many homeowners reach the end of their forbearance periods.

June 7: Michael Ruiz

In this episode, we speak with Michael Ruiz, Director, Supplier Diversity for Fannie Mae. Michael explains supply chain diversity and the findings of a recent American Mortgage Diversity Council survey on diversity and inclusion.

May 19: Reed Jordan

In this episode, we speak with Reed Jordan, Housing Affordability Philanthropy Grants Program Manager at Wells Fargo. Reed discusses how the industry can work to remove primary obstacles standing in the way of equal access to affordable housing.

April 28: Frank Fuentes

In this episode, we speak with Frank Fuentes, the National Vice President of Multicultural Community Lending at New American Funding and Vice-Chair of Five Star’s American Mortgage Diversity Council. Frank discusses takeaways from his career spent trying to help address the needs of Hispanic homebuyers. He also talks about the importance of nuance and specificity in handling outreach to these demographics.

April 14: Tai Christensen

In this episode, we speak with Tai Christensen, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, CBC Mortgage Agency. In honor of Celebrate Diversity Month, Christensen discusses how down payment assistance can help bring more people of color into homeownership. She also speaks about her own family’s legacy as homeowners and why that intergenerational wealth can be so critical.

March 29: Miki Adams

In this episode, we speak with Miki Adams, President of the CBC Mortgage Agency. She speaks with us about how CBC works to build and promote low-income access to homeownership through down-payment assistance and advocacy.

March 15: Michele Kryczkowski

In this episode, we speak with Michele Kryczkowski, SVP of National Fulfillment, Planet Home Lending. Michele discusses how Planet works to maintain high employee retention rates, as well as what areas lenders should be prioritizing in 2021.

March 1: Jesse Schwab

In this episode, we speak with Jesse Schwab, Chief Risk Officer, Bell Bank. Schwab joins us to discuss the priorities he’s focused on as Bell approaches the $10 billion asset threshold. He also talks about the state of the regulatory landscape under the new presidential administration.

February 15: Brian Filkey

In this episode, we speak with Bryan Filkey, Chief Strategy Officer, Interfirst Mortgage. He tells us about the opportunities within the non-government-guaranteed space. He also speaks to the primary headwinds facing the industry in 2021, as well as how the industry can prepare from a staffing standpoint.

February 8: Robert Hutchins

In this episode, we talk with Robert Hutchins, President & CEO of Ellavoz Impact Capital. Hutchins discusses how Opportunity Zone investment can live up to its full potential. He also shares his thoughts on what the Biden administration will mean for Opportunity Zones.

February 4: Patricia Cook

In this episode, we speak with Patricia Cook, CEO for Finance of America Companies. She discusses why more lenders are seeking to access the public capital markets. She also talks about tailwinds benefitting lending in 2021, and how she expects the mortgage landscape to shift in the months ahead.

January 25: Brian Flaherty

In this episode, we speak with Brian Flaherty, COO of Global Strategic Business Process SolutionsBrian talks about how Global Strategic has adapted their internal business processes to meet the changing needs of the market.

January 20: Rick Sharga

In this episode, we talk with Rick Sharga, EVP at RealtyTrac. He discusses what the industry landscape will look like this year as homeowners begin to exit forbearance plans. He also discusses why this recession has been an atypical one, and what that means for his outlook.

January 11: Joe Iafigliola

In this week’s episode, Joe Iafigliola, CFO of Safeguard Properties, discusses how Safeguard has adjusted to the challenges of the past year, and what he expects the property preservation sector to look like going forward.

January 4: Marissa Yaker

The first DS5: Inside the Industry of 2021 features Marissa Yaker, Managing Attorney of Foreclosure at Padgett Law Group. She will discuss the biggest challenges firms are facing in terms of managing volume and meeting the needs of servicer clients.