Five Star Global Announces Complimentary Education Offerings

All courses and certification programs available at no cost through June 26

DALLAS–May 18–
Five Star Global, in collaboration with hosting partner Aspen Grove Solutions, today announced that all Five Star Academy courses will be offered at no cost for the next 30 days, providing access to over 30 courses in residential mortgage, including five certifications and the Master Certification Program. 

Launched in 2018, Five Star Academy is an independent certification program with courses created by experts in housing and mortgage, spanning regulatory compliance, legal practice, diversity and inclusion, distressed asset disposition, and the life of a loan.

The courses and certification programs are designed to equip mortgage industry professionals for lasting career growth.

“Right now, we have people worried about job security, their livelihood, or seeking to prepare for the future,” said Ed Delgado, President and CEO of FIve Star Global. “If we can ease that burden just a little and equip these professionals with access to career resources, that’s exactly what we will do. Supporting the mortgage industry through education is ingrained in our mission.” 

“Ed Delgado and the Five Star Academy continue to show the leadership required during these times. Aspen Grove is honored to play a role in helping our industry through the provision of services in partnership with Ed and his team,” said Sean Ryan, CEO of Aspen Grove Solutions.

To learn more and register for Five Star Academy courses, visit: and use the code: BetterTogether.

About The Five Star Global

Based in Dallas, Texas, Five Star Global (FSG) is a national trade association supporting the U.S. residential mortgage and real estate market through membership groups, publishing, conferences, education services, and strategic events. FSG advocates on behalf of and for industry stakeholders on policy matters and interests established to protect, preserve and promote home ownership. Learn more at

About Aspen Grove Solutions

Aspen has been providing technology solutions to the mortgage industry since 1997. Its property servicing platform is used to manage business processes across the entire asset continuum. This platform provides a central location for managing everything related to the asset. It simplifies integrations across the supply chain and provides key business dashboards and insights to drive decisions and automate business processes. Aspen partners with asset managers, servicers, and preservation companies to drive digital transformation and automation in property management.

We Are United


We have been here before. In times of crisis and in times of challenge—each and every time—we have found a way to preserve and support one another. At Five Star, we want you to know that we are here for you and we will continue to support the industry in every way that we can. At the end of the day, we are truly in this together.

Ed Delgado, President and CEO of Five Star Global

DS News Presents Critical Industry Updates

April 23: “HUD COVID-19 Response”

The Hon. Brian D. Montgomery, Assistant Secretary for Housing–Federal Housing Commissioner, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Ed Delgado, President and CEO of Five Star Global.

In this episode of Critical Industry Updates, FHA Commissioner Montgomery and Delgado discuss updates related to the COVID-19 National Emergency Standalone Partial Claim, default rates and support for borrowers, CWCOT updates, and HUD and FHA’s priorities in the short- and long-term as the mortgage industry recovers and responds to the national health crisis.

Watch the latest edition here!

July 6: Forecasting the Future of Housing

The latest episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features an interview with Rob Dietz, Chief Economist, the National Association of Homebuilders.

June 29: The Impact of Reopening the Economy on Housing

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features an interview with Tendayi Kapfidze, Chief Economist, Lending Tree. Kapfidze will delve into how housing markets across the nation could be impacted by the reopening of economies and more.

June 26: Protecting Homeowners From Fraud

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features an exclusive interview with Mike Eckrote, SVP Quality Control, with Planet Home Lending. Eckrote will discuss how homeowners can protect themselves from fraud and more.

June 24: The Challenges of Exiting Forbearance

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features a conversation with Paul Nagai, the Managing Director of the Antares Company. He will delve into the challenges homeowners face exiting forbearance plans and how COVID-19 could change the mortgage industry.

June 22: Tech’s Influence on the Mortgage Industry

This edition of DS5: Inside the Industry features a conversation with Austin Niemiec, EVP, Quicken Loans Mortgage Services. He discusses the role technology will play in the mortgage process post-COVID-19, and also what the industry can do to protect homeowners from foreclosure once they exit forbearance.

June 19: Re-Evaluating the Mortgage Business

In this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, we speak to Raman Muralidharan, the Head of Mortgage for HSBC. He discusses how mortgage originators may re-evaluate business operations and more. 

June 17: Optimism in Mortgage Servicing

In this installment of DS5: Inside the Industry, Stanley Middleman, the CEO for Freedom Mortgage Corporation, delves into how the mortgage industry can best assist homeowners coming out of forbearance.

June 15: Can Purchase Applications Continue to Rise?

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features an interview with Michael Oursler, COO, NewDay USA. Oursler discusses rising purchase applications and how the pandemic may cause originators to re-examine their business models.

June 12: COVID-19’s Impact on Foreclosure Volumes

The latest installment of DS5: Inside the Industry features a conversation with Daren Blomquist, VP, Market Economics,

June 10: How the Government Assists Mortgage Servicers

The latest episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features Jeremy Serfling , Senior Director of Product Management and Mortgage Lead at Equifax. Jeremy will delve into how the federal government can better assist mortgage servicers and more. 

June 8: The Lasting Impacts COVID-19 Could Have on Housing

The latest installment of DS5: Inside the Industry features an exclusive interview with Odeta Kushi, Deputy Chief Economist of First American Financial.

June 5: The Future of the Pass-Through Assistance Program

In this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, we speak with Seth Appleton, the Principal EVP of Ginnie Mae. Appleton delves into the purpose and future of Ginnie Mae’s Pass-Through Assistance Program.

June 3: How Technology is Aiding Auctions

Featured on this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry is Jesse Roth, SVP at Roth delves into how foreclosure volumes can be impacted by coronavirus and more. 

June 1: House of Rep. Candidate Discusses Housing, the Fed

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features a discussion with Frank Pallotta, candidate for the 5th Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representatives.

May 29: The Assistance Servicers Need

In this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, we sit down with Ted Tozer, the Senior Fellow in the Housing Finance Program with the Milken Institute. Tozer discusses the possibility of the Federal Reserve injecting funds to assist mortgage servicers, as well as speaking about Ginnie Mae’s Pass Through Assistance Program.

May 27: The Mortgage Industry Work-Life Balance

On this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, DS News sits down with Marcia Davies, COO of the Mortgage Bankers Association. Davies will discuss how COVID-19 has put a strain on workers’ personal lives and work-life-balance, as well as what businesses are doing to cope with this new normal.

May 26: How Investors are Adapting to Market Shifts

On this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, gain insight from Jeffrey Tesch, CEO of RCN Capital. Tesch will discuss how the single-family rental market has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 22: Industry Needs to ‘Attack Barriers’ Impeding Women, Minorities

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features an exclusive interview with Charmaine Brown, D&I expert and Senior Consultant for Alignment Strategies. She will discuss how companies can promote diversity and inclusion during the current remote-working environment.

May 20: Embracing Diversity in the Mortgage Industry

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features Matthew Freeman, co-author of the book “Overcoming Bias”—which uses stories and exercises to help readers reflect on personal experiences and uncover how hidden biases are formed.

May 18: The Tightening of Mortgage Eligibility

DS5: Inside the Industry features an exclusive interview with Eric Kaplan, Director, Milken Institute of Financial Research, VP Consumer Advisory Board, with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

May 15: Challenges in Property Preservation

In this edition of DS5: Inside the industry, leaders from the property preservation industry discuss the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 13: Conservatorship’s Next Steps

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry brings you an exclusive interview with Thomas Wade, Director of Financial Services Policy for the American Action Forum.

May 11: Is the Refi Boom Here to Last?

Featured on DS5: Inside the Industry, Joe Tyrrell, COO, Ellie Mae. Tyrell delves into how long low-interest rates and continuing increasing refinance rates can bolster the origination market. He will also discuss what COVID-19 and its impact on housing affect millennials who are looking to enter the housing market.

May 8: Non-QM Currently ‘Paused’

DS5: Inside the Industry features an exclusive interview with Aaron Samples, CEO, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation.

Samples discusses the trends, challenges, and struggles facing the non-QM industry, and why it has currently taken a “pause.”

May 6: Former Freddie Mac CEO Discusses Market Stabilization

Tune in to this edition of DS5: Inside the Industry for a conversation with industry veteran Don Layton, Freddie Mac CEO (2012-2019) and Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies Senior Industry Fellow.

May 4: Inside the Industry Featuring The Collingwood Group

A conversation with Tim Rood, the Head of Industry Relations for The Collingwood Group, a SitusAMC company. Rood joins us to discuss recent homebuyer trends, and how they may be shifting in the future.

April 30: How Servicers are Adapting Tech to the Crisis

William Case, President and CEO of American Mortgage Service Company, discusses how lenders and services can leverage technology to improve operational efficiencies. Meanwhile, Ed DeMarco, President of the Housing Policy Council, shares his thoughts on recent actions by the federal government to help both homeowners and mortgage servicers.

April 28: Discussing the Fed’s Plan for Mortgage-Backed Securities

Get the latest on mortgage rates and RMBS in this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry. In this episode, hear from John Lynch, CEO of PCMA, and Holden Lewis, a housing and mortgage Specialist for Nerd Wallet.

April 24: Economic Recovery in the Months Ahead

In this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, hear from Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist, SVP of Research for the National Association of Realtors, and Laura LaRaia, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation.

April 21: What Servicers Want to Know

This episode of DS5: Inside the Industry features Sean Ryan, CEO of Aspen Grove Solutions and Christopher Whalen, an investment banker, author, and Chairman of Whalen Global Advisors LLC discuss the concerns of servicers as well as the future of forbearances, loan modifications, and more.

April 16: Zoning Shifts and Adapting to Change

This edition of DS5: Inside the Industry features exclusive interviews with Suzy Lindblom, COO for Planet Home Lending and a continuation of our discussion with ServiceMac CEO Robert Caruso.

April 14: Struggles with Liquidity and Remote Working

Leaders from the FHFA and ACC Mortgage speak on recent actions by the Federal Reserve and how to keep employees engaged in this edition of DS5: Inside the Industry.

April 9: How Technology and the Fed are Assisting Servicers

In this episode of DS5: Inside the Industry, hear from Robert Caruso, CEO of ServiceMac, and Allen Price, SVP and Head of Sales for BSI Financial.

April 7: FHFA Director Discusses Forbearance

This edition of DS5: Inside the Industry includes insights from a leading government official in the housing industry.

Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Dr. Mark Calabria joins us to discuss forbearance programs, how COVID-19 impacts the GSE transition, how FHFA is addressing servicer liquidity concerns, and what FHFA is doing to help homeowners.

April 2: How Law Firms Are Assisting With Loss Mitigation

This edition of DS5: Inside the Industry includes insights from two of the leading subject-matter experts from the housing and mortgage industries. 

Included in this episode are Dave Worrall, President, LoanCare, a ServiceLink Company and Mike Sullivan, Director of Marketing and Client Relations, Codilis and Associates PC. 

March 30: How Servicers, Vendors Can be Better Prepared

DS5: Inside the Industry brings you two more leaders within housing and mortgage on this episode. 

Guests include John Vella, Chief Revenue Officer for Altisource, and Dave Worrall, President of LoanCare, a ServiceLink Company. 

March 26: Industry Leaders Discuss Trends, Challenges

DS5: Inside the Industry features Steve Bailey, COO for PennyMacMike Dubeck, President and CEO of Planet Financial Group; and Terry Smith, CEO of Rushmore Loan Management Services.

This inaugural broadcast is sponsored by Insight One Solutions.

March 18, 2020

COVID-19 has caused quite a stir to say the least.
Five Star Global has taken every precaution to ensure we are putting the safety of our stakeholders and staff first, including cancelling conferences.

March 2, 2020

For our inaugural Top 25 Fintech Innovators list, MReport solicited submissions from mortgage companies working in all sectors, from lenders and servicers to title companies and property preservation experts. Find out who made the list!

January 1, 2020

Regardless of the industry, women defy the odds. Five Star is proud to recognize the Top 25 Women of Law, nominated by their peers for their outstanding work and contributions.

Call for Speakers

Five Star Global is excited to announce spots are open for speaking at the event where the mortgage market meets—the Five Star Conference & Expo—taking place on September 13-15 in Dallas.