The Five Star Conference and Expo

The Five Star Conference brings together all the professionals in the mortgage industry, affording them unsurpassed opportunities for education and networking.

Single-Family Rental Summit

It is our mission to present the premier education and networking event for private equity, REIT, Institutional/bank, and small/mid-sized investors at the annual Single-Family Rental Summit.

Five Star Government Forum

The Five Star Government Forum was created to provide lenders and servicers as well as government officials with the opportunity to identify policy challenges and opportunities in the servicing industry.

Five Star Fintech Summit

At the inaugural Five Star Fintech Summit, hear from speakers in the technology, operations, and mortgage industry to learn about the latest approaches to bringing financial technology into the forefront of consumers’ experience.

Five Star PR18

A leadership summit to convene on the housing crisis facing the territory of Puerto Rico. You’re invited to San Juan, Puerto Rico where executives and representatives from the mortgage industry will engage in a series of collaborative discussions on the current state of housing and sustainable solutions and infrastructure for an island in the midst of recovery.