This September 18-20, mortgage and housing professionals unite for an epic weekend of growth and advancement at the annual Five Star Conference and Expo.

We invite you and all in the industry to EVOLVE with us.

The mortgage and housing industry is a new landscape after the upheaval of the past couple years. The Five Star Institute is at the forefront of the industry changes, and we are bringing together subject matter experts to conduct our educational sessions and keep you at the leading edge. We want to help you grow your business and flourish in the industry.

Those who do not grow get left behind.


This year’s conference brings back our most popular educational sessions, revamped with relevant updates and forward-thinking insights. Visit our giant expo hall, a staple of FSC, evolved to provide you with strategies and solutions for future success. And celebrate the industry and our promising future as we emerge victorious from overcoming challenges and obstacles. You’ll meet industry professionals from around the country representing:

  • Mortgage servicers
  • Lenders
  • Federal government agencies
  • Financial services law firms
  • Service providers
  • Investors
  • Real estate organizations

To help you evolve alongside the industry, we’ve added new profession-based certification courses and trainings including REO Certification and Comprehensive Servicer Certification. We’ve also prepared additional networking opportunities throughout the conference so you can make valuable connections and build your business.

The EVOLVE Five Star Conference is the best investment you can make in your professional development, because nowhere else will you find the concentrated amount of valuable expert insight, career-advancing training, and high-quality connections as at EVOLVE.

Adapt to industry changes and emerge equipped for success.