The 2022 Single-Family Rental Summit was a success. Thank you to all the rental property owners, real estate investors, lenders, and SFR & BFR practitioners that joined us at the iconic Statler Hotel in Dallas, TX.

The summit brought together industry executives, agents, and investors for a day full of panels, lectures, and networking on all topics related to single-family rentals and the industries that surround them. 


The event kicked off with a keynote speech from Jeffrey Tesch, CEO of host sponsor RCN Capital. Tesch is responsible for overseeing RCN Capital and has personally overseen $2 billion in originations over the course of his 12-year career with RCN Capital. 

Tesch summed up the value of the summit: “What a great day. I always think about the way the different segments of our industry all work together and come together to really make what the single-family rental industry has become.” 

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Panel discussions offered insights, education, and advice from industry leaders:


The State of SFR & Preparing for The Future 

Clayton Wyatts, Head of Corporate Development and Capital Markets for Roofstock, noted that many markets are seeing “a tale of two cities,” with investors competing against both other owner/operators within the space, as well as “competing with the retail buyer.” 

Investment Strategies: Weighing Options in the SFR and BFR Spaces 

The second panel of the day focused on defining investment portfolios by gaining exclusive insights from experts on construction and improvement costs, supply chain, market demand, lending terms, valuations, and exit plans.

Due Diligence: Wisdom from the Front Lines 

From common misconceptions to KPIs and tech tips, attendees were invited to tap into this panel’s accumulated experience of the acquisition process to maximize your own investment success. 

Property Management: Tools and Tips to Minimize Your Management Costs 

This final panel of the morning focused on the fact that property management and maintenance costs can have a material impact on your investments. “It’s better to be Smoky the Bear than a firefighter,” one panelist noted. In other words, it’s easier to prevent the fire rather than put it out. 

“Maintenance is so important,” said panelist Al Freedman. “By doing things right, putting in that extra money from the beginning and thinking ahead will save money, time and turnover alone.” 

The Vendor Vortex 

One panelist said that scaling is the primary problem that investors with 50-100 properties are having at the moment. But by using things like inspector networks and other resources that his company has, investors can quickly scale up to purchasing properties out of state or even out of country. 

Financing Strategies: Learn What to Expect 

The moderator asked, “Where are your current customers finding properties in today’s marketplace?” 

“In terms of sourcing individual properties, knocking on doors and having mailers go out to the drop down,” said one panelist. “So, there are more and more scenarios like that where people are canvassing a neighborhood looking for signs of distressed properties whether it’s the front yard house, or for utility notices.” 

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Thank You to Our 2022 Single-Family Rental Summit Sponsors

This year’s event was sponsored by RCN Capital as Host; Roc Capital as Co-Host; CoreVestExpress Capital Financing, and Residential Capital Partners as Corporate Sponsors; and HomeRiver Group and SmartRent as Partner Sponsors.