With the bank owned inventory market in a state of uncertainty, achieving effective ways to grow your REO business requires constant scrutiny. In this crucial time it is extremely important to stay plugged into the market and position and yourself as and industry leading expert to ensure that you stay current, and to maintain your intellectual capital.

Not everyone automatically loses out in an adverse market. Historically, businesses who invested in their brands during an economically down market retained their core audience, attracted new business and emerged stronger in the end.

By joining the FORCE (The Federation of REO Certified Experts) we work with you as a collective voice and advocate to insure that you stay on the cutting edge of industry education and continue to build solid relationships with the lending, servicing, and asset management community.

One of the primary missions of your Advisory Board is to represent the views of the membership and give voice to issues that impact our members nationwide. In the coming year, your Board will be focused on issues such as increasing the value of your membership, planning for The Force Rally at the annual Five Star Conference, and giving voice to the issues that confront our industry.Mike Prewett, FORCE Advisory Board Chairman

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